Now, what is this “Unnamed” thing?

What is there to know about “The Unnamed” at this point besides that is a comic?

First off, it takes place in northern France in the year 1880. Don’t worry if your French is limited to just “Oo-la-la”, it is written in English with just a dash of French vocabulary. At the moment, it is a 392 page monster but it has been broken up in 10 volumes. If it turns out to be successful more volumes will be created but that’s for later, much later.

Second thing to know, it’s not suitable for children. That is, of course, unless you absolutely hate yours and want to traumatise the little abortion failures but let’s just say that under normal circumstances, it is rated suitable for 14 and older.

Finally and this comes from the creator’s office, more specifically straight from the bin next to his desk: ““The Unnamed” could become an unique series that combines a psychological detective story with historical and low fantasy elements while trying to find parallels to both the past and the modern world. It is original and has many layers, some obvious, some not so obvious. This character driven story tries to be something of its own kind and not another paranormal action packed superhero ripoff.” This is of course writer-speak for “Even I don’t know what it is but it could go on for a long time”.

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