Nothing to do? Nuh-uh!

Without any pages to show you’d think there is nothing to do? Wrong!
Joel of course is still busy with the artwork which is going a bit slower than usual but he is getting guidance from a very big name in comics. So, even if the process is slower, who really cares as long as they come out awesome instead of great?
Meanwhile, Ivo is busy to make people aware of the existence of “The Unnamed” through social media (only on Facebook and Instagram). Furthermore, he is doing a lot of research and work for a thing related to “The Unnamed” which will be announced together with the revelation of the first pages. It is a lot more work than you’d think. It is fun of course but it’s constantly strategising, planning, preparing and trying things out.
If there is anything to be learned from this, it’s that it isn’t sufficient to be a master of your craft. At a certain point, you have to get away from your creative space and let people know that you and your art exist and deserve to be checked out, especially in this day and age where everybody, from American Big Bizz to Japanese underground and everything in between is fighting for your attention and click.
Yes, it are busy days and it hasn’t even begun yet…

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