Update 14/10

So, what’s going on at the Unnamed Casa?
Joel is still working on the pages and judging from the sketches that he shared with Ivo, it is going to look awesome. The characters look great and the art is going to be very neat and tight.
As you know by now, Ivo has written the script and Joel is doing the sketches, inking and lettering. If you’re not familiar with the form of a script for a comic or graphic novel, it is nothing but panel descriptions. “PAGE 1 PANEL 1: this and this and that is going on <DIALOGUE> PANEL 2: other stuff happening PAGE 2 PANEL 1” and so on for, in our case, 690 pages. It’s not exactly something you’d keep on your nightstand but then again, it isn’t meant as casual reading material either.
Another thing about scripts is that there are no rules about how you should describe your panel. Some writers are precise in their descriptions, down to the very angle, some writers are more laidback and give the artist a lot of freedom to figure out how to approach the panel. Ivo’s style is somewhere between those two. Typically he will describe what he thinks should be in the panel and what is going on, leaving the rest to Joel.
However, a script is not a holy book that should be followed by the comma and if Joel feels that certain scenes would benefit from a different point of view, he is free to make those changes if it is beneficial for the narrative: do the panels tell a story in way that is more appropriately paced and natural? As a graphic artist, Joel is in a much better position to decide whether to stick closely to the script or not. Obviously that doesn’t mean that Joel can just take Ivo’s psychological detective script and turn it into an action packed, flapping caped superhero story.
It is very much like being in a band. One member comes up with a riff or a melody line or chord progression. The other members pick up on the idea and start adding their parts to it. The drummer comes up with a rhythm or a drum pattern, the bass player adds groove, the guitars drop in and so on… The band in its entirety takes a basic idea and turns it into a fully worked out and arranged song that none of the bandmembers could have written on his own.
So, even if “The Unnamed” is just a two man operation, there is not really anybody who can call himself “the main creative force behind “The Unnamed””. Ivo relies Joel for the art and Joel upon Ivo to come up with an original story.

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