Not dead, just late…

Alright, no beating around the bush, the deadline has been missed. You were promised a preview of “The Unnamed” in october. Now it’s november and all that we have to show is a logo. What happened? Well…
The first delay was due to Joel’s teacher in his masterclass. He was kind enough to help Joel (and by proxy Ivo) out with his advice but he was also very demanding.
Then there were dayjobs, the jobs that put bread, cheese and the occassional beer on the table.
And finally, one of the creators has started building a house. To protect his privacy we won’t reveal who, just like we won’t tell you whether or not it is Ivo or Joel who looks like his home address is “Bridge, Cardboard Box 5”.
Although Ivo and Joel honestly feel bad about having to get back on their promise, they agree that the endresult is more important than rush things to respect the deadline.

From time to time, small updates will be posted on Instagram or Facebook. Posts on the website will sporadically occur, mostly in the form of a column.

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