Ivo’s random thoughts (15/11)

First about our progress on “The Unnamed”, Joel has started inking the pages and so far it looks fantastic! It is very tight and his panelcompositions are very clever.
It is going to be released later than we initially planned but let’s forget about that and focus on what is important, the endresult.
But in the meantime I will entertain you (and myself) with a few random thoughts. Like this post on Imgur by user alleycat71485  that was nicked straight from AliveWithIdeas.com.
To give you the yeast of it, it comes down to 7 bulletin points.
1. Use structured exercises,
2. Collaborate,
3. Keep a diary,
4. Read books,
5. Be curious,
6. Use metaphors and
7. Teach.
Now, that is philosophy of the company Alive With Ideas. If it keeps them in business all the better but this list, I feel, is debattable. Point 1 is what you’d do anyways to avoid “slopfests”, I’ve never kept a diary in my life (nor have any of my creative mates for that matter), I avoid metaphors like the plague and “teaching to boost your creativity” is an insult to all actual teachers. I honestly don’t believe in collaborations when it comes to creative writing. A trustworthy and brutally honest proofreader is worth much, much more.
More useful articles in my opinion are Eyal Levi’s articles “Three Unbendable Rules of Creativity” and “You Are Not a Genius“which I think are the best guides on how to get good at being creative. Obviously they were written with musicians in mind but do they apply to creative writing as well? Oh, fuck yes. If you apply yourself, you can be a fantastic creative writer.
Most people think that you can’t train “creative writing” like a musician who trains by practising, an athlete and an illustrator by drawing fruitbowls and naked people. Rubbish.
Writing and reading are the means to train yourself as a creative writer. In my case, I nearly read everything that crosses my path; newspaper articles, lyrics, cartoons, columns, jokes, comments, books, anything! Even (or on some days especially) the most obnoxious bullshit. Afterwards I write about it. Of course my little scribbles don’t get published but Metallica never put out their rehearsals. You could argue that this is similar to keeping a diary but it really isn’t. I am not “documenting my thoughts” or “describing my feelings”, I am trying to keep in creative shape. Plus, after reading “Steppenwolf” (topnotch book, go read it!) who is even interested in diaries?

Before starting on the script for “The Unnamed” I’ve made myself familiar with the form of a script by reading scripts, fooling around a bit with existing stories (the first thing I’ve scripted was a poem from Ovid). Afterwards I  started “The Unnamed”. The keyword during this process was “persistence”. There were times where I had to take a step back, entire volumes had to be re-written which sometimes meant giving up on some scenes that I liked because they didn’t fit. However that was okay for me because in the end only one thing is important: the endresult. Not the art on its own nor the script nor the egos of the creators. Only the pages matter because they’ll be what Joel and I present to the world.
And in that regard I am not entirely sorry for missing the deadline because at this stage it is more important that our work is good. In the future, we will be experienced enough to avoid these.


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