More random thoughts from Ivo – 25/11

Our current status: Joel has just finished inking the pages and is patching up. We will start working on the covers which are going to be in colour. Don’t expect some kind of intricate process where Joel and I attack a canvas. It is just going to be me telling Joel what my ideas are and Joel telling me why they won’t work.
Afterwards, everything is going to be published online and you can finally check out what we have been up to.

In the meanwhile, I’m getting on the “Standing Rock“-bandwagon. To start, it is a disturbed situation where the economical interests of a few possibly undermine the wellbeing of many, the authorities are engaging in acts of uncalled, unjustified force but I find it even more shocking that non-issues such a wall that will (probably) never be build, an advanced version of the pronoun-game in Toronto and a play are getting more media coverage. Normally this is the point where I take out my tinfoil hat along with copy of “Das Kapital” and attempt to form some crazy theory but not today. You can pounder over it later but first actions must be taken.
There is an online petition that you can sign but, if you can spare a dollars, I strongly ask you to consider making a donation.

To end on a positive note, go check out Adam Neely’s YouTube channel! Neely is a fulltime professional musician in New York with baffling chops on the bass. His videos, from a visual aspect, are usually very simple but his subjects, whether it be bass lessons or music theory, are always amazingly interesting. Especially more experienced musicians are going to be impressed by him. If you have just gotten into music, his talks might be too advanced for you. In fact, sometimes, when he gets into very difficult harmonies, I get lost as well and I’ve had some formal education! Still, if you are genuinely interested in music and want to learn more, give it a try. I’ve only dicovered it a week ago but have been eating up this videos.


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