Hibernation is over, here is the preview!

Winter isn’t over yet but our hibernation period is! It has taken Joel and Ivo longer than expected but yes.

The preview. It is finally ready and here it is…


As for what went wrong; life happened, mailing back and forth between Belgium and Argentina is extremely time consuming (the time difference is around five hours), figuring out the art and narrative took a  while but like Ivo mentioned earlier, at this point it’s more important to be good than punctual.

And they are both very happy with how it turned out.

Next up, the panhandling, I mean, crowdfunding campaign.

Neither Ivo or Joel has the resources to finish the comic. So they are going to use a Kickstarter campaign to sell digital and printed copies in the hope of funding the rest of the volume and of course future volumes. The link along with all of the necessary the data should be up very, very soon and this time it’s a promise!

For more updates, give us a like on Facebook. We will revive the Instagram thing tomorrow and Ivo will resume blogging again. Until then, hasta la proxima!

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