Kickstarter/Pre-order online: get your comic heeeeerrre!

It is good practise to not bombard your audience with news and updates constantly. No matter how strongly you feel about your thing, your supporters need to take a break from you every now and then. That being said, now it’s time to do the exaxt opposite.

Yesterday, Ivo mentioned on Facebook that the Kickstarter was online which was unexpected for us and surprisingly fast. Anyway, Ivo already started sharing the link on Facebook but those who only follow the site have been left in the dark.

Until nnnn… Now !

Everything that you need to know, is right there but let’s quickly recap: there are several packages, or rewards as KS likes to call it, available at very decent pricing. Just check which curriency is being displayed. All the prices were entered in Euros but it could vary from region to region. It ends on the 12th of march which is about 59 days from now.
If you are experiencing any troubles or feel that we are missing something or not catering to your needs, you can contact us via the contact form on this website or via the event on Facebook.

Right, that’s about it for this week and the next one as well because  Ivo will be in England! Tally-ho!

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