Update “The Unnamed”

Two weeks have passed since the last update. A bit more even but there is quite a bit to tell.

First thing first, this is the definitive design for the T-shirts! This one has won the popular vote by a landslide and it’s beautiful.


Second, there have been some reactions to “The Unnamed” and really interesting ones.
In general they were positive. Only a few people weren’t too excited about what Joel and Ivo had put together and brushed it off as “close but no cigar”. One person in particular was extremely positive and advised Ivo to directly contact British or American publishers.
So, positive reactions. Unfortunately this is yet to translate into new pledges.
And these pledges are important, they are the kickstarter to get this “Unnamed”-engine running. As mentioned earlier, “The Unnamed” is a very elaborated comic and  without help, there is nothing. No shirts, no first volume. It won’t have a second try on a different platform, there won’t be a second Kickstarter.  Now or never.
That being said, there is still hope. The promotion campaign is slowly taking off and people are becoming aware of what Joel and Ivo have created.

Finally, a video was added to the Kickstarter to make it more attractive but it turned out to be such a disaster that it was taken down after three days. Apparantly only LindyBeige can do one take sidetracking semi-unscripted rambling, LindyBelge can’t.
It was to be expected somehow. If you are one person with no budget, like Ivo was, it is going to be difficult and there is so much that can go wrong. Storage problems, lights, Android crashing, sound, editing problems. It was just one big fest of mistakes, errors and fuckery! Anyway. Lesson learned. Do not do this sort of thing ever again or at least not on your own.

Future plans? Euhm. More contacting people? More sending out mails? Wrapping “The Unnamed” in a neat package and send it off to the U.S.A. or the U.K.? More sharing and inviting on Facebook?
Like we have another choice.

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