Collaboration with Stroke (?)

It has been in the making for a long, long time but it has recently been finalised: Ivo has joined the Belgian Stripgilde or Comic Guild. In case you are not familiar with them: the Stripgilde is a very cool organisation that helps young talented people, or in Ivo’s case not so young, getting their comics out to the public through their website They will also help building a network, taking care of all the legal stuff, promotion and contacting printing companies.
They are going to help promote the Kickstarter-campaign (by the way, have you pledged already?) and if, IF, we reach our goal, they will help us release the second volume “The Smuggler”.

The last few weeks have been exhausting but having the support of the Stripgilde means a lot and gives us extra motivation. Merci voor de steun en het vertrouwen, Peter, we komen er wel. 

That being said, off to bed, tomorrow is another day.

Of sending out emails…
Of sharing our campaign…
Of monitoring statistics…



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