Ivo’s final thoughts – 12/3/17

As you probably already know, we didn’t meet our Kickstarter goal. There were a few things that went wrong but these have been discussed over the past weeks. It would be repetitive and pointless to go over them again.
So, what is going through me right now? A few things. Disappointment is one of them. In general the reactions to “The Unnamed” were positive with a few downright ecstatic. One person even advised sending the preview over to Image Comics and despite what the humbling endresult might indicate, a lot of people expressed genuine interest in “The Unnamed”. Obviously I’m not looking forward to telling them that “The Unnnamed” is not going to happen.

But the most prominent feeling surprisingly enough is fatigue. 60 days of campaigning, brainstorming over new ideas and implementing them, monitoring… A new pledge would give me energy and just enough motivation to go on but truth be told, the last two weeks or so I’ve been feeling completely worn out. Drained of every last bit of energy and resilience. Knock me down now and I stay down. There isn’t anything that I’d rather do than pack my luggage and go away for a few days to sleep everything off with a few bottles of beer. I might actually do that.

And after that? No idea but it probably won’t be anything related to “The Unnamed”. There is no longer a budget to cover Joel’s page rate and he is not going to sit down and wait for me to save up. Probably he has already moved on and seen that together we’ve set the bar ridiculously high, finding an artist to replace him is almost impossible. Not only has that new artist have to be willing to work for naught but (s)he has to be at least just as good as Joel. The odds of winning Euromillions are more favourable than those of stumbling upon an artist who meets these requirements. A publishing deal would be an ideal solution but mmyeah, good luck with that. Still, I’m open for any offer.

Has this whole experience been good for absolutely nothing? Not really. Granted that this is not the desired result for “The Unnamed”, I’ve learned a tremendous lot and met some amazing, creative people with whom I hope to cross paths again.

Before ending this and giving Hecate and Monsieur Loup the closure that they deserve, I wanted to thank all the backers on Kickstarter. Your support has kept me going on and I’m sorry that I can’t deliver you the comic that you wanted to read.
Many thanks also to Brainfreeze.be, StripSter.eu, De Stripvlogger, Jeroen from StripTip, Willy Hagenaars, Peter Moerenhout and Stroke who were so kind to help me out.
Many thanks as well to everybody who shared the comic and talked about it. One person in particular that I want to mention, is Ivo R. aka pandemoniumhop artist Ivolve who is so much better at getting the word out than I am.
Thanks to everybody who has been reading these entries.

“The Unnamed” was a product of time and love. Few things have made me as happy  as writing this script did. If given the choice I would do it over again in a heartbeat. In the current situation however it’s perhaps time to close that chapter. To not stall and pounder over what could have been but move on.

Le bonheur, c’est la prochaine histoire.


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