Coming back to life!

Wow, this has been a while. It hasn’t been a lot of activity on this site for the last four months or so but if there is nothing to say, it’s better to follow Wittgenstein. Today however there is something to tell you.

First off, Joel and Ivo are both fine and neither has given up on his creative career.  Far from it, they have continued on their paths seperatedly but with interesting results.
Joel’s path has led him to a brandnew comic called “Coronary”. Just recently, the first volume has been releaseed and we managed to see the finished product and it looks amazing! Here, see for yourself.


The story by British writer Ryan Bruce is quite fascinating and if you’re a fan of dystopian, deep and “difficult” sci-fi like Black Mirror, you shouldn’t let this pass by unread.
More information here.

As for Ivo… After his time off in april he has written a few pieces for the Norwegian Scullfucker webzine under his Facebook-alias along with some other things.  One of those other things is an eight page Dutch comic which will be published on this very website around 15 december.
More details will follow soon.


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