Happy New Year!

It has been a while since the last post in English but seen the nature, scope and priority of the Apocalyps-project it was necessary.

Anyway, it’s the last day of the year and what a year it was!

It started with a Kickstarter-campaign for “The Unnamed” that would later fail but during its run, I managed to get his name out.

Afterwards,  I started the Apocalyps-project, initially with illustrator Kameraad Mauser and later with Falco Verholen: to make a comic based on the in Netherlands and Flanders popular folk song by the same name. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to do something visual with the song but it wasn’t until “The Unnamed” that I had the idea to turn it into a comic.
Falco and I finished the project and it turned out to be GORGEOUS. The reactions were without exception positive. It was a lot more work than expected from a short story but the reactions make it all worthwhile.

So, 2017 was a year of hard work but also meeting great people, rewards and great satisfaction. Now what to expect in 2018?

You can expect some exciting news from Joel! When the time is right, more will be revealed.

Falco hasn’t announced any big plans yet but he will continue being awesome through his webcomic WEAKER SIDES.

I’m working on a few new things and with a bit of luck, there should be at least one new comic out by the end of next year. The Cranial Fornication music blog will come out of its short hibernation and there you can expect more album reviews.

But first.




And all the best wishes.

See you again in 2018.

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