Tumblr and current status


It was announced earlier on Facebook and it’s about time we make it official here as well:  “The Unnamed” is also on Tumblr!
Ivo has been active on Tumblr for about six months with his music blog and his experiences so far were positive.
The plan for now is to update the blog on tuesdays and thursdays with progress updates and ramblings straight from Ivo’s twisted mind. Once a project is finished, it will be announced and published here on the official site. It might change.

Speaking of progress…

The “Apocalyps”-project so far has been read over 350 times and was featured in EPPO and Stripgids. Of course, the promotion hasn’t stopped but it is happening mostly through sending out emails to various media outlets. After all there is always room for more.
If anybody has an idea, we’ll gladly hear it.

Of course, it is not our intention to keep promoting one short Dutch comic for the rest of the year. Falco is working on several projects and will hopefully relaunch Weaker Sides soon but time will tell.
Ivo has three scripts almost ready to go: “Forget about It”, “Good Vibes, Good Vibe$” and “A Reason to Be”. You can expect more news about them next week tuesday. You can follow progress on our new Tumblr page.
And Joel? Joel is working on something GREAT! More later.

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