New scripts on the way!

So, what has been going on?

Well, Falco Verholen has been working on some gorgeous art.

Joel has been working on something.

And Ivo…


Ivo is about to finish the scripts for a serie of three short-ish stories called “Soul Apps”.  Granted that it sounds like the name of an industrial band started by a bunch of 12 year olds, it is actually based on an interesting mix of “Faust”, the classic master piece by Goethe, with  “Black Mirror”, the show about the social and psychological impact of hi-tech consumer technology and about one of the most though provoking things on television and Netflix, right now.  You have no idea what sort of sick things we imagine Theresa May doing and if you do, you have seen the show.

However, Ivo has decided NOT to pick it up as an independent production and instead pursue other goals. As for the scripts, Ivo will put them online. If you’re a beginning artist and you want to practice with a script, you can go ahead, download them and start practicing. If you are curious about the lay-out of a script for a comic, you can go ahead and read them.

The first script is already up for grabs and feel free to read it, give feedback or draw it. We don’t really care.

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