Good Vibes, but not really [NEW SCRIPT]

The script for “Good Vibes, Good Vibe$”, the second installment of the SOUL APPS serie has been published.
The tone is vastly different from the first script “Forget About It”. It is darker and the approach is minimalistic with only one character, one location, one phone, one mueslibar and one hell of a depression.

As with the previous one, you may use it as you please for practice, education, writing your master thesis… Doesn’t matter but again, if you are going to publish this, give Ivo credit he deserves, send us a mail and we’re good.

Now what is “Good Vibes, Good Vibe$” all about?

Good vibes but not really.

Connecting with people but not really.

Depression but not really.

A mueslibar but not really.

The inability to express yourself online due to the suffocating stranglehold of the attention economy and advertisers thus feeling further excluded which might lead to self inflicted harm due to an emotionally crippled state.
All that and a mueslibar.
Just, y’know, “Good Vibes, Good Vibe$”…

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