Where are we now: Belofte, Apocalyps, A Reason To Live and The Unnamed

Slowly but steadily things are starting to take shape now and despite the long silence there is quite a lot to say.

  • First the best news, Ivo has aided Rodney Laibahas with his anti-bullying comic “Belofte“. Most of it was already written but Rodney and Ivo finetuned the dialogues.  The end result is in Dutch but what better time than now to learn Stroopwafel-speak, right?
    (Click the image to read it.)


It was a fun project to do and very rewarding. Rodney had a very clear vision of what he wanted and that made the process very smooth.

Give the dude a like over on Facebook and Instagram!

Or better yet, buy one of his comics!

  • Progress on “A Reason To Be” is going steady. Charles Butler has finished about 16 pages of the 47 pages. By this rate, this is going to make a nice spring/summer release.
  • Joel has nearly finished working on the Coronary titles and will finish “The Axe Killers” in december. It will be published online and for free but I’m going to add a link to my BuyMeACoffee-tipjar.
  • And finally, “Apocalyps” will go offline on 12/12. As agreed with the publishing company Warner/Chapelle, we held a license to use the lyrics for one year and that year is almost over.

That’s about it. Before the end of the year, there will be one more post about “Apocalyps” and from then on, things will go silent until there is some REAL news.

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