New comic in april 2019

Now that I’ve actually something to say. 😀

UK-based artist Charles Butler is almost done with the art for “A Reason To Be”, one of the three Soul Apps-scripts that I finished last year, and it looks stunning!


The comic will be published in three parts on this website and again, you can read the comic for free. You don’t even have to sign up to some platform or newsletter, I’m not even tracking your personal data because I’m such a nice guy BUT…

I am however going to ask that you donate a small tip at my page at Buy Me A Coffee. Of course, this is not mandatory but it would be deeply appreciated and will result in more and better comics.

So, write down the date april 5th and keep an eye on this site.

As for the main comic, “The Unnamed”… It will come but when depends on Joel and I’m considering releasing it through smallpress first before actually putting it online.

That’s it for now. Remember. April. 5th.  First part “A Reason To Be”.




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