A Reason To Be (II)

Part II of the comic “A Reason To Be”.

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Hi, Ivo here. I really don’t want to be a dick but creating comics costs quite a bit of money that is coming out of my own pocket.
So, Charles and I would appreciate it if you could just leave a tip at Buy Me A Coffee. In return, there will me more and better comics in the future! Thanks!
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Hi, Ivo here again. Did you read my note about leaving a tip over at Buy Me A Coffee? You did? Cool.
Again, I don’t want to be THAT guy again but if you haven’t tipped yet, we kindly ask you to do so. Everything you read on this site is DIY and we are publishing it for free without any ads. Because we think that this is the coolest and most sincere way. However, a little tip would be awesome.

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Hi again, Ivo here. Don’t worry, this will about the last time I will bugging you.
Did you leave a tip at Buy Me A Coffee yet?
You did? SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME! Thanks!
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