Gunnerkrigg Court
An excellent webcomic and a personal favourite of Ivo.

Autor, content creator, satiricist and a man’s man’s man’s man.

Cranial Fornication 
Ivo’s music blog. Sometimes heavy music, sometimes weird music but usually both.

Adam Neely
A most informative and interesting YouTube-channel by NY-based professional musician Adam Neely about bass guitar, music theory and how to get by playing tunes. It can be a bit challenging for music noobs but that just means that you have to step up your game.

There is a German saying: “in der Beschränkung zeigt sich der Meister”. The English chickentranslation goes something like “in limitation does the crafsman show himself”, meaning that, if you’re any good at what you do, you don’t need a lot of tools and utensils to get great results. And it hardly gets anymore limited than with YouTube-user Lindybeige. Most of his videos are just him talking to the camera for about 25 minutes on average.
Nevertheless, very informative and compelling stuff, mostly about military history.

De Stripvlogger
Marcel is keeping you up to date about all the latest comic releases in the Netherlands and Flanders.
Although his taste in comics differs greatly from Ivo’s, he is a dedicated vlogger who is doing his best with limited time and resources to support creators.

CP Grey
Hands down the best YouTube-channel out there. Updates happen sporadically but it is always worth it.